Big Bet

Big bet

This is a bet we’re offering only if we’re 100% sure of the score, not forgetting of course the element of surprise. Big bet is a football tip for just one game in the form of Asian handicap, Over/ Under, game winner or all possible ways of betting.

Big bet is offered only when our analysers are absolutely sure about the result of the game. If the daily games are not offering match of this type, the bet is not available. When buying this bet, please, contact us on the given e-mails in order to get information when an offer would be made and what is the suggestion of our tipsters. The odds at which we’ll offer this bet will be around 1.90 – 2.00 and not more, in order to get the minimum loss.

These tips are most often presented during the weekend (in season), but it’s not obligatory and depends on the final decision of our tipsters and the certainty in the development of the game.